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folk art fantasy furniture

We lovingly design and hand-craft fun furniture with faux finishes, fabulous flowers, fanciful frills… Each piece is created, one at a time, in the magical surroundings of a redwood forest, located in Mendocino County, California…

Explore the possibilities… Hutches, buffets and small cupboards made of painted or apliqued wood… CD/DVD storage in four different sizes and several different designs… Cupboards for kitchen, dining, living room, or office… Custom orders happily accepted!  Please contact us with your requirements.

These beautiful pieces are very sturdy and serviceable. Semi-rustic, they may have rough spots, brush marks, pits, bumps, and other anomolies, which contribute to their unique and wonderful folk art charm.

"If you like David Marsh furniture, or ethnic furniture, you'll love OURS!"